The financial world is being transformed. Digital players are replacing traditional financial brands, and in this volatile climate of constant transformation we can observe how the most innovative brands operate and how they address the communication issues with their customers.

There are different profiles, classified according to the level of adaptation and appreciation of e-wallets, divided in three large groups that respond to different tendencies:

Intended for people “excluded” from the financial system and with less probabilities of accessing traditional plans. The values underwritten in this proposal are mainly: democratization, autonomy and inclusion.

Democratization and inclusion (Argentina 2022) Cazzu and L-Gante are two popular figures well-known in the lower income sectors. Mercado Pago selected them to summon the financial education meetings aimed at young men and women.

Intended for people not yet ready to adopt the new system, cautious due to the lack of stability, support and guarantees. The values underwritten in this proposal are: support, practicality and usability.

Flexibility and practicality. EVE-RING (Japan, 2022) It is the first ring for virtual payments. A simple and fast solution for consumers to pay in stores without cash.

Intended for people who are already users and want to go further, with no fears, driven by adventure and opting for the new model. The values underwritten in this segment are playfulness, hybrid system to alternative economies.

Hybridization. Cryp Station (2022) is a coffee store that accepts cryptocurrency as payment. It offers advice on investments, workshops and meetings on the cryptocurrency universe, as well as access to metaverse.

There is a financial world composed of different values that opens the game to multiple scenes of innovation. Have you considered: How many profiles there are in your market and how this new paradigm affects your consumers o users in their decision making process?

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