If you still didn´t know, an online community is a closed and dedicated space that connects from thirty to hundreds of people that share interests or have common traits. Unlike panels, the emphasis is placed in the connection and collaboration, and is monitored by a moderator that acts as a nucleus for a great many research activities. The Insight communities are very flexible in terms of duration, and extend from a short collaboration to solve a unique commercial problem, to a few months collaboration or even for an indefinite period.

With these communities we help brands focus more in the consumer, bringing the interested parties closer to their audience and encouraging holistic human understanding, empathy and intuition, driving strategic and tactical commercial decisions. That is why we talk about the importance of the “3 P”:

1 | People: Everything starts with them.
In the heart of our knowledge communities there is an intimate and diverse group that is “interesting” (for the goals and objectives of your community) and “interested” (anxious to collaborate) regardless of the size of the community.

2 | Perspectives: We listen to what people want to say, not only what they say.
The power of collaboration is to accept diversity and engage with the appropriate people for the correct challenge. The combination of activities than promote thinking, feeling, doing, creating and collaborating bring about human understanding.

3 | Partnership: Not only do we help to understand what´s important, we help to act accordingly.
Just as the members of the community need constant care, so do the interested internal parties. We build associations to help brands focus more intensely in the consumer and transform knowledge in strategies and actions. The first step is to define clearly the objective of the community and align it with the specific commercial goals.

In Provokers we offer our clients the online community format created by our strategic partner Human 8, focused in providing a level of service that helps brands make human-centered decisions.

For more information about this tool contact info@provokersite.com