The SQUARE is a powerful insight community platform allowing you to connect and collaborate with consumers in real time. It is a digital window into consumers’ daily lives that enables brands to analyze, connect and learn from people to create value strategies.

Main advantages and benefits:

A 360° understanding of the consumer.
Integrated suite of 40 state-of-the-art tools and techniques to drive real consumer understanding.

One hybrid platform.
All your research needs on one customizable and mobile-first platform.

Agile and mobile.
Receive consumer feedback anytime, anywhere on your mobile device allowing you to act in real time.

Flexible and personalized.
From full service to do-it-yourself, designed with flexible service model.

Support and security.
More than 150 certified moderators in over 45 countries. All data backed by privacy protection (Certification ISO 27001).

With THE SQUARE you have a window into people’s daily lives and immediate access to their experiences.