Can the Antihero Exist Without the Hero?

Lately, new brands have surged and there is a repositioning that boosts the idea of “breaking with the past”, choosing the road of “what I am not” o “have ceased to be” as a brand. At first, this is an interesting resource that allows a brand to easily connect with contemporary values like transparency and honesty. But…

For how long can anti-marketing last by itself as the only strategy?

Products that differ from the established by opposition. It looks like ice cream but is exclusively plant-based.

“Don´t believe the ads” is a daring strategy to go against the trends of a segment that, traditionally, markets slightly misleading ideals.

People are questioning and searching for new trends in consumption, and like a domino effect, each answer brings new queries and quests that invite brands to evolve. Moving from “what I am not” to “who I really am” is inevitable.

When the new order changes (again), the antihero will have to redefine his position, and the context will give rise to a new antihero. This resource loses its power over time. The best way to stay current and safeguard my brand is to be defined by uniqueness, as a brand. Which are the superpowers that make you unique? Luis

Montesano, Quality Director, Southern Hemisphere – Mexico, CA & C