Each woman felt and experienced the isolation and effects of the pandemic differently based on her age and stage of life.
“The Flow of Life” is a study that the Provokers Brazil Health team undertook in order to understand women and to generate ideas by finding value spaces. Here, we share the following real testimonies and examples of how various brands are providing answers at a global level so that you, too, can be inspired.

1.“Today, I think I´m prioritizing my health more. I was at the point of no return. Today, I´m also prioritizing my emotional side. After the whirlwind, I have come to see things differently.” Mature woman, Brazil..

Are you asking women in your segment how they feel emotionally and physically at this stage of their lives? Their answers could inspire you to create solutions that help them comprehensively transition to maturity.

2.“Before the pandemic, I think I was more timid. Today, I have more confidence. Before, I used to overthink and be scared and anxious. Today, I think I’m more focused. Young woman, Brazil.

How can your brand support women, and give them confidence and drive in their personal and /or professional lives?

3. “After enduring a difficult year where I had many identity crises, today’s Camila has learned to enjoy her own company, reconnect with her family, and be more patient and adaptable.” Adolescent female, Brazil.

Have you thought about how women in your segment define themselves and any identity requirements the market currently ignores or fails to cover? Every woman represents a new opportunity to connect.

While we don’t know how long the pandemic will last, we can already see its impact on women, whether physical or psychological. The study showcases the power of women to reinvent themselves and share experiences through life’s alchemy. Each chosen example demonstrates just one option within the enormous range of opportunities a brand can take.

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