Consumers, in their facet as e-shoppers continue facing technological barriers that brands can transform into bridges. For example, the low level of access to banking services, the fear of being misled, inexperience and above all the lack of connection with the pleasure of turning the purchase into an experience.

There are 3 factors that differentiate and emotional experience from a transactional experience: 1) Humanization, 2) Control, 3) Entertainment.

A purchase is a purchase, virtual or in-person. The staff of Provokers Colombia by Feedback has evaluated different instances of the Latin American e-shopper to understand where the digital barriers can turn into opportunities to create value.

MIRANDA EFFECT: Plunge into Entertainment
The same way that we go sightseeing, window shopping or are tempted in real life, in the e-commerce universe the consumer behaves in a similar manner. Purchasing is also entertainment, like it would be in a shopping center.

The consumer navigates through the internet, plays, consumes content, goes from one page to the next and even makes his/her wish list. Discounts will always be attractive and it´s where the e-shopper has no doubts. To rely only on this kind of purchasing experience does not build a brand.

It´s time to ask: What are brands doing to generate fun and entertaining content that adds value to the purchasing process?

INTELLIGENT BUYER: To humanize is to inform with clarity and warmth.
To see, touch, try, smell, feel and have someone to ask questions are the pillars of humanization that the e-shopper hopes to find in the online purchase. The array of products allows to “window shop” while the descriptions, real pictures and comments from other users are a basic but powerful resource to support the need to imagine the product in real life.

How can brands generate precise and warm assistance, optimizing the reality of the product?

SECURE PURCHASE: From payment to delivery.
Minimizing risks, offering personalized assistance and facilitating processes and payment methods are some of the pillars of a purchase that assures the e-shopper that he is the one in control. Hybrid payment methods, payments upon delivery, online shipment tracking and immediate personalized help, reduce the uncertainty and optimize the purchasing experience.

In which way are the brands shifting the security and control experience of an in-person purchase to the digital world?

We have to understand that behind the screens there are people who are looking for connection, control, acknowledgment and also relaxation or fun. We have to stop thinking in e-commerce only as a platform or sales channel and start responding according to the needs and requirements of the consumer, that is to say the e-shopper.