Our global strategic partner InSites Consulting has prepared its 2022 trends report by quantifying 15,000 consumers from 17 different markets. The report shines a light on 10 trends that are shaping the 2022 consumer. Here we offer you a summary of 3 trends and some inspiration.

The self -optimization culture is slowing down but the cultural expectations to succeed still exist. To help find a balance between listening to our body and mind, we aim to set habits that mirror our own internal rhythms, cycles, and mood.

Media and entertainment. Sundayy is a social network platform designed to be checked just once a week, on Sundays.

Health and wellness. Care/of creates tailored health plans with personalized supplements and an app to assist with treatment monitoring.

Brands can support self-improvement journeys by helping us better understand ourselves and what our bodies and minds need to inspire positive yet realistic rituals.

From unconventional career pivots to retirees moving into city center hubs, our age will no longer define the path we are expected to take in life.

Finances. Spotlighting unconventional careers and non-traditional ways of earning money, Axie Infinity is a “play to earn” crypto-currency game where users earn tokens that can be exchanged for real currency.

Beauty. 19/99 designs high-performing products to redefine beauty, appropriate for any age, from 19 to 99.

Brands can support these personal journeys by helping us better understand ourselves and the needs of our bodies to inspire positive and realistic habits.

Following restrictions on our spontaneity, we’ll seek out fleeting moments that add a sense of freedom, energy, and excitement to our daily lives, even for just a short time.

Retail. Balenciaga launched a glow-in-the-dark clothing line to preempt people’s desire for parties and playful transition from solo-lockdown to socialization.

Media and entertainment. Finder, the offline alternative to Tinder. Use a green background to show you are single and are interested in a spontaneous date.

The true value of trends lies in applying them to the challenges facing your business. Have you asked yourself which cultural changes and emerging trends are shaping your consumer, your segment, and your brand?

Download the full report here.