Consumers perceive brands from different dimensions, and it is on the basis of these dimensions that they can be appreciated in different ways.

The potential of innovation lies in fully understanding these dimensions, allowing the brand to stand out and create meaningful proposals.

There are different options and ways to create empathy with your audience. Here below we develop some alternatives that can vary according to sector, market and the moment of consumption of your product or proposal:

In a world increasingly difficult, complex and expensive, consumers develop strategies to obtain maximum value for a similar price. There is a renegotiation of pacts. It is not only about price but perceived value. The principal engine is to find opportunities, to buy smartly.

Nescafé. Spain. From usual offers to new emphatic aspirational.

In the midst of a crisis of legitimacy, institutional trust at a global level, brands and companies are increasingly the object of the demands and expectations of the population in pursuit of building a better society. Consumers look for sensible and truthful brands that lead by example.

Unilever. Brazil. The Unilever portfolio is becoming a great value proposal: several brands that support important causes for the benefit of people, society and the planet.

Considering that we live in a world with more screens than ever before, the experiences that stimulate the senses are becoming more relevant. Consumers search for spontaneity, playful ads and happy experiences to compensate the harshness of the world and to establish connections with other people.

Barilla, Italy. Spotify and Barilla playlists last between 9 and 11 minutes, the time it takes to cook pasta al dente.

There are certain suggestions that you can follow to establish the empathy of your brand, if you would like more information, please contact us