Our strategic partner Insites Consulting created a guide that helps brands and companies understand and address a new perspective about 2023 and consumption tendencies.

The starting point is the truth: people are ready to create the future in which they wish to live and look for brands that facilitate the tendency toward new ways of thinking, living and being. How can you be part of this? In the following paragraphs we stipulate two guidelines about areas where people look for meaning:

We are more connected every day, but we are looking for connections that enrich and energize us. We already know how to connect, now we want to understand why. What is the purpose of our relationships? What is the fundamental value in our social ties?

Social Health: The Benefit of Connecting. As mediators and reflectors of our social connections, brands can have a positive impact in the propelling of public health.

Wave project is a project financed by NHS that promotes well-being through surf. People don´t only strengthen their self-esteem, but they also generate ties and connections with those with whom they have interests in common.

Honest Sensemaking:onesty as the Foundation for the Relationship. Although it is a known fact that brands take a stance on important issues, sometimes what people need is a secure forum where they can explore and discuss, without judgment.

Still Processing is a New York Times podcast created to address, debate and make sense of what is happening in culture in the broadest sense, through honest and respectful conversations.

We are seeking narratives that describe us, without defining us. We search for flexibility while reconstructing the inherited (gender, nationality, race, sexuality, disability, amongst others) and we create our own set of identities.

Into the Nuance: A Unique Shade. In search of a more profound self-exploration, brands can add value to the emerging identity issues that people are exploring.

The meditation app Headspace joined forces with Peanut, an online community geared towards women, for real conversations about sexual well-being in all its forms.

Ever-Evolving Script: There Is No More Script. Nowadays, the milestones of traditional life (education, marriage and family planning) are not everybody´s aspirations. We are finding ways of feeling comfortable amidst constant change.

The John Lewis ad shows the advantages and disadvantages of being a stay-at-home dad: accepting new realities in family life.

Have you considered: What is really important for your brand, category and audience? How can an option or proposal be more interesting for the daily life of the consumer?

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